Assorted Tractor Door Decals

Assorted Tractor Door Decals
Item# assorted-tractor-door-decals

Product Description

Included is a random set of door decals only for 1/87 semi trucks. It includes 6 different companies with 4 decals each, for a total of 12 sets of door decals.

Please Note: these are a random assortment of decals and the product image does not necessarily reflect actual decals sent.

Some companies that MAY be included are: Consolidated Forwarding, Hennis, Oak Harbor Freight, Navajo, AAA Trucking Corp, Central Motor Lines, Davidson, DC Trucking, Old Dominion, Garrett, ICX, Jones Truck Lines, PIE, ONC, Pilot, Lee and Eastes, Smith's Tranfer, YRC Freight, Wilson Truck Lines, Time Freight, Ringsby, Roadway Express, Prime Inc, etc.

If there are one or two specific door decals that you would like, please make a note in the comments and I will attempt to accommodate the request.