Motor Carriers

Please note these are Peel and Stick Decals!

A & H Express
A & R Transport
AAA Trucking Corp
AAA (with stripe)
ACME Inner City Freight Lines
ACT - AAA Cooper Transportation
Action Express
Adley Express Co
Admiral Merchants
Advance United
Akers Motor Lines
Alaska Freight Lines
Alaska Pacific Transport
Alaska West Express
Alterman Transport Lines Inc
American Freight Systems
American Freightways
American Transfer Co.
ANR Garrett
ANR Graves
Apex - White
Apex - Yellow
Arnold Transportation Services
Arthur Transport
Arrow Carrier Corp
Associated Transport
ATL - Associated Truck Lines
Atomic Transfer LTD
Averitt Express
Barlow Truck Lines
BAX Global
Becker Trucking Inc
Be-Mac Transport Co. Inc.
Be-Mac Transport Co. Inc. (Panel)
Bend-Portland Truck Service - White
Bend-Portland Truck Service
Best Way Motor Freight
Biggar Bros.
Biggie Drayage Co.
Bison Transport
Black Ball Freight Service
BN Transport
BOS Lines
Bowman Transport
Brown Transport
Buckingham Transport
Builders Transport
Bulk Carriers
Burlington Industries
Byers Transportation
California Lines
California Motor Express
California Motor Express - 60s
Campbell 66
Canandian American Transport
Canmore Courier
Caretta Trucking Inc.
Carlile Alaska Transport
Cassell Transport and Storage
CCX - Conway Central Express
Central Freight Lines - New
Central Freight Lines - Old
Central Motor Lines
Central Motor Lines - Old
Central Transport
Central Transport
Ceva Logistics
CEX - Conway Eastern Express
Chippewa Motor Freight
Churchill Truck Lines
Clairmont Transport
Clarke Road Transport
CLE - Coast Lee and Eastes
Coast to Coast Stores
Coast Truck Lines
Coast Truck Lines - Pac NW (Tuna)
Condor Freight Lines
Consolidated Forwarding
Consolidated Freightways - Canadian
Consolidated Freightways - New
Consolidated Freightways - Newest
Consolidated Freightways - No Zone
Consolidated Freightways - Old
Converse Trucking Service
Con-Way Eastern Express
Con-Way Freight
Con-Way Southwest Express
Cooper Jarrett
Core Carriers
Cotan Truck Lines
Country Freight Lines LTD
CR England
Crete Carrier Corperation
Crouch Bros Inc
Crouse Cartage Company
CSX - Conway Southern Express
CW Transport
CWX - Conway Western Express
Dance Freight Lines
Dart Transit Co.
Defazio Express
Delta Lines - 60s
Delta Lines - 80s
Delta Lines - Old
Denver Chicago Trucking Co.
DC - Athearn
Diamond Line Delivery
Direct Transport
Dohrn - New
Dohrn - Old
Doug Andrus Distribution
D.S. Scott Transport
Duff Truck Lines
East West Fast Freight
Eastern Express - New
Eastern Express - Old
Eastern Freightways Inc.
Eastern Oregon Fast Freight
Eazor Express
Edson Express
E&L Automotive Carriers
ERB Transport Services
Estes Express
ET and WNC Transportation Co.
ETMF - Eastern Texas Motor Freight
Exley Express Inc.
Express Transport
Expressway Truck Lines
Farney Truck Service
Fed Ex
FedEx Custom Critical
Fed Ex Express
FedEx Freight
FedEx Ground
Florida Rock and Tank Lines
Food Express Inc.
Fore Way Express
Forney Freight Lines
Fredrickson Fleet Focused Service
Garrett Freight Lines - New
Garrett Freight Lines - Old
Garrett Freightways
GI Trucking
Glenncoe Transport
Gordon Trucking
Gordons Transport - New
Gordons Transport - Old
Graves Truck Lines Inc.
Great Northern Freightliner
Great Southern
Greyhound Courier Express
Groeber Transport Inc.
Gully Transportation
H and R Transport
Halvor Lines, Inc
Hannibal Quincy Truck Lines Inc.
Hawkeye Motor Express Inc.
Heart Land Express
Hennis Freight Lines Inc. - Black
Hennis Freight Lines Inc. - Blue
Hennis Freight Lines Inc. - Yellow
Herrett Truck Co.
Herriott Trucking
H&H Trucking
HRT - Harris Refrigerated
Huber and Huber Motor Express Inc.
ICX - Illinois California Express - New
ICX - Illinois California Express - Old
ICX - Illinois California Express 70s
Ida-Tran Freight System
IML - Interstate Motor Lines - 50s
IML - Interstate Motor Lines - New
IML - Interstate Motor Lines - Wings
Imperial Roadways
Imperial Roadways - New
Imperial Truck Lines
Indianhead Truck Lines
Inland Motor Freight
Inter-City Transport
Insterstate Motor Freight System
Intercourse Truck Lines
Interstate Dist. Co.
Interstate Freight Lines
Interstate Way
IWX Motor Freight
JB Hunt
jim Palmer Trucking
Johnson Motor Lines
Johnston Terminals
Jones Truck Lines
Jones Truck Lines - Old
JRC Carpet Dist.
K Lines Inc.
Key Line
Killpack Trucking
Kindersly Transport
Kingsway Trucking
Knight Transportation Co.
Knight Transportation Co. - New
Knox Motor Service
K&R Delivery Inc
Las Vegas LA Express
Lee and Eastes - New
Lee and Eastes - Old
Lee Way - New
Lee Way - Old
Lifschultz Fast Freight
Lisa Motor Lines
Little Audreys
Lombard Bros Inc
Long Transportation Co
los Angeles Seattle Motor Express
Lynden Transfer Inc.
Lynden Transport
Maritime Ontario Freight Lines
Maskelyne Transfer
Mason Dixon Lines
Mc Lean
Merchant's Fast Motor Lines
Mercury Freight Lines
Mercury Motor Express
Metro Freight System
MFA Agri Services
MFX - Motor Freight Express - New
MFX - Motor Freight Express - Old
Michigan Express Inc.
Midland Transport LTD
Mid West Coast Transport
Middlewest Freightways Inc.
Millar and Brown Freight Lines
Milne Truck Lines Inc.
MME - Midwest Motor Express
Molerway Freight Lines
Monarch Messenger
Monfort of Colorado
Montana Express
Motor Cargo
Motor Cargo Inc
Mountain Valley Express
Moznik Trucking
National Carriers
National Freight Inc.
Navajo - New
Navajo - Old
Navajo - Orange
New Penn
northern Pacific Transport
Northwest Transport
NTFS - Northern Territory Freight System
Oak Harbor Freight Lines
Old Dominion Freight Lines
Olson Transportation Co.
Olympia Tile/Stone
ONC - Oregon Nevada California Fast Freight
ONC - Oregon Nevada California Fast Freight (40s)
ONC - Oregon Nevada California Fast Freight (50s)
ONC - Oregon Nevada California Fast Freight (60s)
ONC - Oregon Nevada California Fast Freight (New)
Oneida Motor Freight Inc.
Orange Transportation Company Inc.
Oregon Transfer
Overnite Transportation Co.
Pacific Freight Lines
Pacific Great Eastern Relay
Pacific Inland Express
Peninsula Truck Lines Inc.
Penn Yann Express
Perdue Transportation Co.
Peters Truck Lines
PHT - Pacific Highway Transport
PIE - Pacific Intermountain Express (New)
PIE - Pacific Intermountain Express (Old)
PIE Nationwide
Pierce Freight Lines Inc.
Pilot Air Freight
Pilot Carriers Inc.
Plymouth Rock
Porter Freight Systems
Portland Seattle
Pozzi Bros Transportation
Preston 151
Prime Inc.
Priority Freight Lines
Public Freightways
Puget Sound Truck Lines
Pulley Freight Lines - Old
Pulley Freight Lines
Pure Gro Company
Purolator Courier
Quinn Freight Lines
R&L Carriers
Railway Express Agency - New
Rapid Transfer
RC Motor Lines
Red Arrow Transport Lines
Red Star Express Lines
Reddaway Truck Lines
Reimer Express Lines
Reimer Express Lines LTD
RGMW  Rio Grande Motor Way
RGMW - Rio Grande Motor Way (New)
Rice and Trimble Truck Lines
Ringsby (New)
Ringsby (Old)
Ringsby (Rocket)
Ringsby United
Roadway - Time Critical Services
Roadway Express, Inc.
Robert Trucking
Rosenau Transport
Rudie Wilhelm Inc.
Ryder PIE
Ryder Truck Lines (Old)
Ryder Truck Lines (New)
Schneider National
Schuster Express Inc - New
Schuster Express Inc - Old
SFL  Sacramento Freight
Sherman Bros Trucking
Silver Eagle Company
The Silver Fleet System
Silver Wheel Freight Lines
Sites Freight Lines
Smith Transport
Smith's Transfer Corporation
Skagit Valley Trucking Co
So Cal Freight Lines
Sorenson Transport Co.
Southeastern Freight Lines
Southern Container
Southern Pacific Truck Service
Spector Freight System
Spector Mid States
Speedway Express
Star Transport
Star Transportation Inc.
Sterling Transit Co. Inc.
Stevens Transport
St. Johnsbury Trucking Co.
Strickland System
Strickland Transportation Co.
Super Service
Superior Fast Freight
Swift Transportation
System Freight Service
TC  Transcon
TC Transport
Terminal Transport
The Chief Freight Lines Co
Thru Transcontinental
Thibodeau Finch Express
Thunderbird Freight Lines Inc.
Thurston Motor Lines Inc.
Thurston Motor Lines Inc. (Large)
Tillamook Portland Freight
Time DC
TIP  Trans International Pool
Titan Freight Systems
TNT Darwin Express
Trans Am Trucking
Trans Western Express
Transamerican Freight Lines Inc.
Transport Jacques Bourdeau
Transport Motor Express
Try-Us Trucking Inc
Tucker Freight Lines
Twin City Freight - Panel
Twin City Freight - Stripe
Union Freightways
Union Pacific Motor Freight
United Buckingham
United Truck Lines
United Truck Lines - 80s
UPS Freight
USA Truck
USF Redaway
Van Kam Freightways LTD
Vancouver Alberta Freightlines
Viking Freight FedEx
Viking Freight System Inc.
Wallace Colville Rapid Motor Freight
Walpole Inc
Watson Bros Transportation Co. Inc.
Werner Enterprises
West Coast Fast Freight
West Ex
Western Express
Western Freight Lines
Western Gillette Motor Freight
West Side Transport
Westway Express Inc.
Willis Shaw Express
Willson Truck Lines
Wilson Freight
Wilson Trucking
Wooster Express Inc.
WYO Wyoming Freightways Inc.
XPO Logistics
Xtra Lease
Yale Transport Corp
Yellow Freight - Kansas
Yellow Transit Co. Freight Lines
Yukon Freight Lines
Boss-Linco Lines, Inc.
Holland Motor Express - Large
Holland Motor Express
Holland Motor Express - Blue
Holland Motor Express - Square
Werner Continental
YRC Freight - New
ABF Freight - New
Campbell - Humpin to Please
Conway Canada Express
Werner Continental - Old
K&R Express Systems
Conway Transportation Services
Interstate Motor Freight System - Panel
Midwest Motor Express - Old
Blue Arrow
Blue Arrow-Douglas
Mid America Freight Handlers
Great Lakes Express
L.C.L. Transit
System 99
Mid American Truck Lines
Refrigerated Transport Co.
Yellow - Newer
Refrigerated Transport Co. - Old
Halls - Old
General Highway Express Inc.
Pirkle Refrigerated Freight Lines
Central Transport International
Inland Express
DHL Express
Indianapolis Kansas City Motor Freight
All American Transport 1
All American Transport 2
All American Transport 3
Robert Trucking - Yellow
Werner Enterprises - Large
Old Dominion - New
Dominion Consolidated
Werner Continental - simple
TNT-Red Star
TNT-Pilot Express
TNT-Best Way
Stroh's Bohemian Beer
Steelcase - Mid
Hamms Beer - Stripe
Trans Western Express - Old
Trans Western Express - Yellow Trucks
Kroblin Transport Systems
Zero Mountain Logistics
Southwestern Motor Transport
Sheehy Mail Contractors
Eagle Express Lines
Gully Transportation - Bulk Trailer
Checkered Express
D&K Express
OK Trucking Co.
NM Transfer
Swift Transportation - 50yr
McLane Kitchen
Olson Transportation - Old
Alvan Motor Freight
A&H Truck Lines
Interstate Distribution Co - New
Overnite Express Inc. - Old
Sub Zero Transportation
Sanborn's Motor Express
Crete Carrier Corp - Valuable
Mayfield Cartage
Bolt Express
Emmott Valley
Pullen Bros.
Stone Container Corporation
Red Ball Motor Freight
McHenry Truck Line
Niedert Freight
Grane Transportation
Straight Shot Express
Midwest Continental
Direct Transit Inc
Sunset Motor Lines
Roadway Package System
Spector Freight Lines
Equity Transportation
Osborn and Son
Manitoulin Transport
International Cartage Ltd
Kruepke Trucking
Neill Cartage - New
Neill Cartage - Old
Shaffer Trucking
Sunflower Carriers
HTL Truck Line
Frozen Food Express - New
DHL Cold Chain
Frozen Food Express - Old
Payne Transportation
CP Express
The Overland Express LTD
Dayton Freight
Werner Transportation Company
Decker Freight
Bird Trucking Co
Kruepke Trucking - New
ShipEx Inc.
Gonzalez Trucking
Little Rock Farm Trucking
Interstate Dispatch Inc.
Neuendorf - Old
Veeco Services
Swift Refrigerated
Rudolf Express
Maverick Transportation
Harold Ives
Butler Transport
Dick Simon Trucking
Nelson Freightways
Panther Premium Logistics
Mushroom Transportation
Railway Express Agency - Old
USCS Transport
Southern Refrigerated Transport
Shippers Dispatch
Scobies Transport
Freymiller Inc.
Kennesaw Transportation
Olympic Freightways
Centralia Cartage
Branch Motor Express
Western Distributing Transportation
Salt Creek Freightways
Packerland Packing Co.
Jones Motor Lines
Standard Forwarding
Canadas Best Carriers
Roadway Express
Transport Bourassa
JG Drapeau Transport
Bell Lines Inc. - Old
Bell Lines Inc. - New
Valley Express
The Rosedale Group
Big Freight Systems
Mason Dixon Lines - Oval